Before working for Rain, my experience of soap was, to say the least, very limited. I bought what my mother bought. Same brand, different fragrance and all the hype about special ingredients were totally lost on me.

Then, Rain happened.

More precisely... Rain's glycerin soaps.

I would love to say it was love at first use, but it was about two weeks before I was truly, madly in love (and spoilt for life) with glycerin soap (view our range here)! 

This unremarkable-looking little soap is extremely remarkable. It is what is called a humectant. Even though I did not quite understand what this was or how it works, I sure felt it on my skin. (A humectant is a smart word saying it draws moisture from the air and locks it into your skin.) 

I especially felt it on my legs. Soft. Smooth. Nourished. Very reminiscent of my thirty-somethings. My normally dry legs used to guzzle up moisturising creams or lotions. Not anymore. Now, I feel like a body lotion teetotaler - except for Rain's Biologie baobab & rooibos body butter on extra TLC occasions. Bonus!

Another bonus is using it to shave. While not big on lathering, the glycerin soap foams up nicely, offering a smooth glide over your skin. 

I just love it!

If you don't love glycerin soap - you have not tried Rain's range of remarkable glycerin soaps.

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