Usually, Mother's Day is the time of year everyone gets very sentimental and sing their mother's (very worthy) praises. We believe our mothers are the best in the world, and from the moment we have kids of our own, we appreciate them even more. Our mother's that is. Mostly we want to treat our mums with something exceptional like her favourite thing or a scrumptious lunch, but the older my mother gets, the more I understand that it's not the gift that makes her happy, it's spending time together. 

Many times, memories are associated with a smell or taste. A friend of mine recently visited her son whom she hasn't seen in a long time, as he and his family live overseas. Before she returned, he asked that she leave behind the jar of Biologie Baobab and Rooibos body butter. 

"Why," she asked surprised. 

"Because every time we smell that soft waft of baobab vanilla we'll be reminded of you."

So, when spoiling mum this Mother's Day, choose a fragrance or product whose aromatic trigger will remind her of you, or the special day you had together. (We have a tremendous range of home fragrance products that mum would love!)

Treat mom by making lasting memories!

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