rain story

our roots

Our humble beginnings started in Ladybrand, a small rural village on the Free State border between South Africa and Lesotho. Today, Rain is a proudly South African international brand.

After establishing ourselves as a manufacturing wholesaler, we opened our first Rain-branded store in 2005. The concept soon took off, with more Rain stores opening across South Africa and the globe, including Ireland and New York. There are currently 30 Rain retail stores.

In keeping with tradition and family values, when Rain required resources and expertise to grow past six stores, the Bosch family came on board as partners and investors, helping to expand the company’s international profile. Today, the new green Rain factory with a reduced environmental footprint is located on the Bosch’s family farm, Dal River near Paarl in the Western Cape. It’s also no coincidence that Dal River is home to the Olive Factory, which produces extra virgin olive oil on the farm, the main ingredient in Rain’s handmade olive oil skincare and beauty products.

replenish and nourish

Let us help you replenish your soul and nourish your skin by treating yourself to any of our wide range of natural skincare products for women and men.

We search through and infuse the rich, ancient pharmacopoeia of tribal Africa into each of our unique skincare solutions. These wild-harvested botanicals and oils, such as baobab, marula, rooibos, mongongo nut and many others, harness powerful active agents found in natural plant extracts to feed and revive your skin.

We celebrate and reflect nature’s uniqueness in our distinctive handcrafted designs, while ensuring that you get the same benefit and high quality every time you indulge in a Rain product.

Spoil yourself by shopping online for any of our EU and US compliant products, or entice your senses with a trip to any of our global stores.

nurture the environment

Before any product reaches our shelves, it is not only tested for efficacy and safety, but also to ensure its low environmental footprint. The all-natural ingredients we use are harmless to the environment and your skin, while providing the nourishment and revival it needs.

We are passionate about our planet and believe in nurturing it through recycling, reducing and reusing. Our energy-efficient, solar-powered production processes ensure a low carbon footprint and no harmful effluent is created by the factory. We use treated groundwater in the factory and recycle waste water from the factory to irrigate our olive trees.

sustain and speak life

At Rain, we support small local suppliers and producers by sourcing our natural ingredients from people who sustainably wild harvest it in remote areas of Southern Africa, while our products and gift packaging are handmade by trained crafters.

None of our products or raw ingredients are tested on animals. At Rain, we work together to replenish, nourish, nurture and sustain life.