style="float: left; text-align: left;"> Because We CareAt Rain we believe that caring is at the heart of our business. We care about our staff, we care about nature and the environment, we care about what we put in our products, the benefits they offer and where our ingredients come from. When caring stands at the center, it is a natural progression to link up with other companies, suppliers and manufacturers who also share the same philosophy. This encouraged us to take our first steps on our Fair Trade journey many years ago. Being Fair Trade accredited is not an easy path, it takes time and dedication and commitment to the principles of fair trade. We had to comply with very strict requirements, meet high standards and live up to what being Fair Trade is all about. We are proud to say that we are Fair Trade accredited. Not only is it the embodiment of what we stand for, it also gives our customers the peace of mind knowing that they are supporting not just a company, but they are also a part of a chain of caring – in their way also helping to make life better for others.

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