a cut above the rest

by Juani Walters

not all soap are created equal

So why do we claim that our artisan soap is a cut above the rest?

Our distinctive, creative handmade soaps are a signature of the Rain brand. Crafted from 100% natural ingredients, cured for up to six weeks, and passing through about eight pairs of skilled hands during their creation, these soaps underscore Rain’s commitment to high quality through labour-intensive, low-tech manufacturing.

The oils and butters that are used by Rain are olive oil, cold pressed sunflower oil, palm butter, and coconut oils. Any combination of oils and butters can be used, but the scientific combination and blending of this is an art and a closely guarded secret. Certain oils lend special properties to the soaps, such as their ability to foam and lather, their contribution to harden the bar for greater longevity or their healing, soothing, and moisturising properties on the skin.

Our soaps are fully vegetarian and vegan friendly (except for the beeswax and honey soaps which vegans will not buy). Our soaps are suitable for all religions and beliefs. Rain soaps are fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly..

. Our Artisan soaps are made by a team in the factory and they sign their names on each of their soaps. Each of these soaps has their own beneficial characteristics and are as unique as the people who make them.

Happy who makes our Artisan Detox soap started in the factory in the soap making department and through training and skills development, he is now in charge of our raw materials department.

Happy has been working for Rain for 10 years. “I enjoy Rain and am learning a lot. Rain gives me room for growth.”

The reason Rain came into existence was to provide jobs, skills and hope to people living in desperate poverty, particularly women and the disabled.

Our production cycle is deliberately low-tech and labour intensive. Our products and packaging are hand-made by trained crafters. We support small local suppliers and producers. Our wild ingredients are hand-harvested by women living in remote areas of Southern Africa where economic opportunities are almost non-existent.

We are the only Southern African beauty and body product company which is accredited by both Fair Trade in Africa and the international Fair Trade body in Europe.