Fizz balls. Bath bombs. call them what you will, they are little balls of delight.
Have you ever tried making one?
Trust me, it's are not as easy as youtube makes it looks. My daughter and I took up this project when she wanted to surprise her friends with a special bath bomb during her birthday party - her own creation featuring a hidden gem inside.
It went... well... we had hidden surprises alright!
We created everything from bath dust to coconut oil drenched butterballs (which needed a serious "slippery when wet" caution tag!).
I'm not going to go into details, I have a newfound admiration for Rain's fizz and butterball makers!
They measure, mix and create these lovely balls of pure bliss to perfection every time - by hand!. Did you know the salts in our bath bombs are fragrances die essential oils? It incorporates coconut and other oils to add that richness and moisturising effect to your bath that makes your skin feel so pampered.
Watching these colourful bath time treats spin, flutter and do their energetic bubble dance as they dissolve, lifts the spirit even before relaxing in the aromatic water lifts your soul.
Next time you need a little pick-me-up, try one of our amazing bath bombs!

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